What to choose: Apple iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy Nexus

By | October 22, 2011

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Apple iPhone 4S  Vs  Samsung Galaxy Nexus . It is a tough competition for the two smartphones and guess who will win ?? iPhone 4S looks just the same as before but Galaxy Nexus comes with a sleek  new design. Apple disappointed many fans by resting with the same design and RAM memory.

Samsung on the other hand understood this mistake and changed the design of Galaxy series with this new mobile.

However , Apple brought a new voice recognizing software “Siri” to its handset and this feature is “the talk of the town” everywhere . Some bugs in this software (such as Security lock of this software can be easily broken) have to be fixed but Siri can perform simple tasks brilliantly . If you want to find a nearby restaurant or park , Siri will give you correct information. Samsung Galaxy Nexus has 4G support which the iPhone 4s lacks. Also NFC feature is available in Nexus that Apple didn’t include in its device.

Galaxy Nexus comes with a new version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich . The new Android version looks good compared to it’s previous versions. LTE facility and 4.6 ” AMOLED display takes Nexus one step ahead of iPhone 4S. But  iPhone 4S beats Galaxy Nexus in all other categories such as Processor , Retina Display , Camera , Storage and Battery life.

Galaxy Nexus comes with 1.2 GHz Dual Core processor but the  iPhone has 1 GHz Processor only and Nexus works smarter and faster than  iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4S


* Apple A5 Dual Processor

* 8 MP Camera with 1080p video recording

* iOS 5 with “Siri”



* Same design and look

* Quite heavy

* Only 3G support

* 512 MB RAM ( same as found in previous handsets)

* iOS 5 lags behind Android 4.0

* “Siri” works good only for US residents


Samsung Galaxy Nexus


* New sleek design

* 1.2 GHz  Dual Core Processor

* Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

* 4G with LTE facility

* 4.6 ” AMOLED Display


* 1 GB RAM


* 5 MP Camera

* Battery Backup is low

* Only up to 32 GB internal memory

* No expandable memory


In hardware part of both the handsets ,  iPhone 4S beats Nexus  and  in Software , Camera and storage options , Apple becomes “The God”.  However Galaxy Nexus supports NFC and provides 4G facility that iPhone 4S lags behind.

With a tough fight in all aspects , Apple iPhone 4S wins the battle with good service and support , software integration and hardware configuration.  Galaxy Nexus will prove as a  good competitor in coming years as the device is yet to be shipped.

Android 4.0 has more added features than iOS 5 but let us wait and watch how users around the world react for this new update from Google.

If you feel that iPhone’s good old looking design doesn’t matter then choose iPhone 4S as a must buy option . Galaxy Nexus has some good flavor in it and we recommend you to buy this device for its new look and Android 4.0.

iPhone 4S – Go for it if you don’t mind the design

Galaxy Nexus – a must buy smartphone



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