Tablets or Smartphones ???

By | September 12, 2011

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Tablet or Smartphone ??? Which is the best one to choose ???


Smart phones are the devices that are very handy and  used widely by  people irrespective of their fields. In the last two years Smartphone sales has increased to such a extent that big companies such as Sony Ericsson , Nokia , Samsung , etc are battling for the title race. Two OS that have dominated the smartphone market are Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. While iOS is used by smartphones made by Apple only, Android is an open source OS used by nearly all the other manufacturers of Smart phones. Competitions between these companies makes the user look for a good  Smartphone.


Tablet PCs are gaining  more importance these days . This is an innovation that looks like a large smartphone, but has additional capabilities to resemble more like a laptop. The only difference is that unlike laptop, it comes in the form of a slate instead of a briefcase.

Let us take for example in multitasking operations ,Tablets are more faster than Smart phones and this hardware limitation may be due to the size that matters. Android is gaining more popularity in Smartphones than in Tablets. Why people step back in choosing a Tablet ???The main disadvantage in a Tablet is that it cannot be upgraded . Even Smartphones cannot be upgraded but the are liked because of their size and efficient use. Tablets will surely rip laptops and we know that Tablets are very cheap compared to Laptops or PCs. ( Reliance TAB available at 13K)

All tablets are Wi-Fi, meaning they can be used to surf the web and they can be used to play games also. Today, tablets are coming equipped with dual camera both for capturing HD videos and to make video chatting and video calling possible. However, as there are compromises in hardware, the functions such as multitasking and other complex operations are difficult to perform in tablets. Tablets prove to be a pleasing experience if the owner uses them as e-book readers.

If at all the size that matters , then Tablets are a challenge to Smart phones and why not for the laptops too. Look for the price and then the size . Tablets are a must buy option for everyone .


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