Steve Jobs – An Obituary

By | October 7, 2011

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Steve Job's shadow on Apple's logo
We’ll miss you forever!

Great Men rise, Great men live, Great Men die and only some of these ‘Great Men’ leave a huge impact on the society they lived in and are hailed as one of the world’s greatest innovators. Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs is one of them.
Steven Paul Jobs [1955-2011] didn’t have a fairy tale rise to popularity like some of his current-counterparts who had some lineage…..Jobs was a true inventor and he created an empire of his own which he called ‘Apple’. And, as Bill Gates fondly noted, he was proud he had Jobs as his competitor.

Right from his birth, he battled fate, which, at times, has smiled at him.

From being adopted by parents who hadn’t graduated [his biological mother wished he had been adopted by graduates] and dropping out of college at 17, he didn’t have a great time during his childhood and his teenage. But, as said by Jobs himself, he ‘found and followed what he loved‘ and that was the only thing he attributed his success to.

Steve Jobs was a trend-changer and largely, a trend-setter of our times – largely evident by the products he came up with – the ‘i’Gadgets. He was the best at everything he did.

When the iconic and classic ‘1984’ Apple commercial introduced the Personal Computer behemoth – The Macintosh, it was a sign of Apple’s future in which it would make products that carve a niche for themselves and would sell by themselves without much publicity.

Everything that Jobs made changed the way people communicated and the way people accessed the Internet and the way people listened to music and other digital media.

After Apple released the iTunes and the iTunes Store, it was convenient for people over the world to listen and download songs. It was accessible from anywhere and everywhere and this added to its huge popularity.

The Macintosh [now iMac] was the right competitor to Microsoft’s Windows line of Operating Systems and it set the stage for the OS Wars and it was the customer who largely benefited from this. Macintosh laid the foundation for personal computing and it’s always known that, Microsoft copied many of its features, including the font designs, to build Windows.

The iPod, which revolutionized the ‘music-on-the-go’ experience, was the beginning of the ‘i’ era. Sony’s ‘Walkman’ took a huge beating and since then, its no looking back for Steve Jobs. The iPhone, the most popular tech invention of our days, proved to be a seismic shift in the mobile phone industry and it began the Smartphone Race. iPhone completely changed the way people connected with others and it made users to have the Internet in their pockets. With this came the iOS, the next generation Mobile Operating System that changed the consumer’s approach to a mobile operating system. Steve created the iPad, which had much profound impact on some customers that they’ve hailed it as a life-changing device.

Steve Jobs was also a great orator [an example is his 2005 Stanford University Commencement Address] and the best that Silicon Valley has got. His insight made him to create demands and fuel tech innovation. He was the only inspiration for all Apple workers and his life, a lesson for future entrepreneurs. We have never seen such a widespread commotion in the US after the deaths of the legends Micheal JacksonJohn Lennon and John F Kennedy. It’s true that Apple will miss Jobs at a time when the company is battling high competition and countering patent suits. For them, a true mentor has vanished and for some, a designer god has disappeared. The iMan will ever be remembered for the huge legacy he has left behind and it’s gonna be hard for his successors to maintain it.

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

Be Hungry, Be Foolish! 

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