Need For Speed: The RUN – All new Gameplay and Trailer (Exclusive)

By | November 6, 2011

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EA  released the trailer of its new racing game “NFS – THE RUN” directed by Michael Bay. The trailor reveals the characters of the game and there is an action packed story behind each race that you play. Some facts about this new need for speed series,

* First NFS game to show the first person racer throughout the game

* First NFS game to have an action packed story with gameplay

Gameplay video 


Watch the all new trailer 

The game is said to have made record pre-orders within short time and is releasing on 15.11.2011. Catch up for all the new NFS series and one thing is sure , this game is going to change the way, racing games are meant to be played.

NFS : The RUN – Run for your life….

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