Is this the end of Blackberry ??

By | October 15, 2011

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RIM( Research In Motion), the mobile maker of Blackberry handsets is in serious threat as the number of users using the handset is decreasing considerably . But the company reports that due to some internal errors caused this month , service and support could not be established .

RIM is trying to change things that are happening right now and they are fixing the errors . But Blackberry has been underperforming in the market and if it continues then it will be the end of the device.

Blackberry which is a smartphone ,  cannot compete with other devices such as iPhone , Samsung Galaxy or Windows Phone right now but if the company makes a big change in their portfolio then it will be a rising moment for them. Many Blackberry users are changing their handsets due to the lack of service and support.

RIM will learn a lesson from the current situation and hope they will try to change things back .

RIM’s Blackberry –  End may come soon ???

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