iPhone 4S pre-orders starts in India (Airtel takes the lead)

By | November 18, 2011

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Its show time for all Apple lovers in India.But with a little disappointment…

iPhone 4S is ready to hit the Indian markets soon. Airtel has started the pre-orders for the device with 16GB variant at Rs.44500. 32GB and 64GB will be available at 50K and 57K respectively. In the beginning , it was planned that Airtel and Aircel will be the carriers for the iPhone 4S. Now Airtel has taken the lead and pre-orders have started.

Look for more details at Airtel’s official site (India). The device looks to be more expensive and it is said that the price will be reduced soon after the release. But this is a huge disappointment to all iPhone lovers as the price is heavy and they will be in a mood to shift from iPhone 4 as it was released only few months back.

Pre-order your iPhone here.

Will iPhone 4S make a huge impact in Indian mobile industry? It is a big question though.

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