How to: Bring Facebook notifications to your Desktop

By | November 24, 2011

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Welcome to all Facebook lovers

Facebook has changed the social networking world connecting millions of people around the world. There are 800 million users with 1 million active users daily logging into their account . Facebook notifications and messages ( including friend requests and pokes ) can be easily seen in your desktop and all you want to do is just follow the steps mentioned below :

1. Download the software Facebook desktop and install it. Download it here.

2. After the installation you will be prompted by the application to Login your Facebook account . If you are logged in any of your browsers , it will move directly to Permissions page . Accept the permissions.

3. The Application icon will be present in your notification area of your desktop.

4. You can see the notifications in your desktop and what more ? you can update the status and review the last 5 updates.


1. Facebook Desktop requires an Internet connection for notifying the updates.

2. This is the best app that runs with small memory usage .

3. Facebook Desktop is available for both Windows and Mac.

4. Strictly recommended for Facebook addicts.

About the Application – Facebook Desktop

It was developed by Adobe Systems Research team to make the users bring Facebook experience to their desktop. They frequently monitor the security issues and bugs and provide updates for the application.


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