How to: Test the working of an Antivirus Program

By | October 20, 2011

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You might have installed an Antivirus either free version or a paid one. Everyone knows that their computer is secured with their Antivirus and they update it daily . But all Antivirus programs are not 100% detectable to malware or spyware.

There will be some flaws in the Antivirus programs or loop holes so that some malwares enter your computer easily. If you have an Antivirus and need to test the Antivirus whether it is working to its level or not , use the following method.

The following method is most widely used one by  users all around the world

1.For the first step , Open Notepad.exe in Start Menu and type the following code in the .txt file


2. Save the file in your Documents or in any place of your computer as “” ( Use this name for effective results)

3. Scan the file with your antivirus and then check it out. (The antivirus will detect it as malware)

If the antivirus is functioning properly on your computer, then it should generate a warning and immediately delete the file upon scanning. Otherwise you may have to re-install your antivirus.


* If your Antivirus program does not detect any virus don’t panic , your Antivirus software will be updated in such a way that the program file is just a      testing malware.

* We cannot guarantee you that your Antivirus program is 100% working if it detects the malware.

*  Use at your own will and risk. (Your computer will not be affected by this file)


Watch the tutorial video below

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