How To Share your desktop using Windows Remote Assistance in Windows 7 ?

By | July 30, 2011

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Now no more paying to Team Viewer or other third party software for desktop sharing. Microsoft Windows 7 makes this work simpler and with no cost. We can share desktop , chat and even control remote system.  Do we need any plugin or update or patch to download ? To these question answer is simply  no! All you need is only the internet connection.

Windows Remote Assistance  is in built  Remote assisting tool.  In Windows Vista this remote assistance  provided with the enhancement in security ,usability and  performance. Before the release of windows 7 we can only connect Remote assistance only by invitation which can be send through email or by sharing invitation file. But now Windows 7 goes further  more by adding Easy Connect feature. Even a neophyte user can work with this by connecting thru Easy Connect feature.
For Technical geeks, to know more Easy connect basically uses Peer Name Resolution Protocol (PNRP) which establish direct peer – to – peer transfer using central machine on the cloud and It uses IPV6.
How to establish Connection?
Windows Remote assistance  can be opened in many ways it can be done either by

Start – All Programs – Maintenance -Windows Remote Assistance


Start – Help And Support and choose More  support options in the lower – left portion. In that click Windows Remote Assistance


Also type msra  (or) Windows Remote assistance in Integrated search box in Start menu (I prefer this one).

Which ever method you choose u can open Windows Remote assistance window.  And it look like this

                     Note: By Default in Windows 7 allows remote assistance if it is disabled then go to Start – Control Panel – System And Security -System. Click Remote Settings in the left pane. Select the Allow Remote Assistance Connections.

Option 1:

1.If you want to share you desktop to other then click “Invite someone  you trust to help you”. Then it take to next screen

2.Now Click Easy Connect

Then a window with open with 12 digit password. copy and give it to  whom you want to view you desktop.

Note: Wait in this window till you friend connect to it . Password generated is random and changes automatically whenever u open newly.

Option 2:

1.If you  want to view someone  else desktop remotely if you have password with you then click “Help Someone who has invited you” Then it take to another screen.

2.Click “Use Easy Connect”.

3.Now Type the password which you had got for the other user who shares desktop from you. Enjoy remote connection!!!

Feel free to comment thank you.

Posted By Ramakrishnan