How To: Run Turbo C, C++ in Windows7 x64 x86 Bit FullScreen Mode WITHOUT DosBox?

By | October 14, 2011

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Migration is essential but the old fragrance sometimes would not be smelt in new arrilvals. In such a way the smell of C,C++ is getting faded day by day since there is no compatible compiler for running C,C++ programs in Windows7. Even though you’re not a geek in compiler design a repeated search in Google will get you what you need.

Most of you would have frustrated in searching for a full screen compiler for C, C++ and I’m one among you! Few would have tried DosBox but you need to configure something intially that looks weird and also you need to change the Directory each and every time since it is virtually mounted that really consumed a lot of time. To eradicate that, after a long search I found an ‘Emulated Turbo C++‘ for Windows7 x86, x64 bit.

It’s a .EXE file which installs C++ Emulator in your PC with a Desktop Icon. Just Double on desktop C++ Emulator Icon you will be happy to see a C++ Compiler window in Full Screen Mode.

You can download C++ Emulator here

. Do help your friends to continue programming in C and C++ in Windows7 share it in FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

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