How To:Run Android Apps in a Windows PC

By | November 22, 2011

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Android will be coming to PC…..Confused? This will happen now but will take some more years . But we have a program that will allow Windows users to install and run Android apps in their PC. The brilliant app is “BlueStacks” and the user can play games and apps such as Talking Tom cat , Speed Racer ,etc. Look for the steps below to install this Application and the ways for using it.

        1.Install BlueStacks in your PC. Download it here.

       2. Open the BlueStacks Application. Opening screen will look like this.
     3. Select All Apps in the icons listed at the bottom of the windows.
 4.Run the available apps and if you want more apps  , go for “Get more Apps ” in the same option .
 5. For downloading new apps ,it requires an Account in BlueStacks. Register for a free account and start enjoying Android in Windows .


1. Only a few Android apps will not be working with this software.
2. You can run games and apps that are genuine.
3. Subscription is free to download apps and games in BlueStacks
We thank BlueStacks for creating this cool application and we hope they will continue this good work .

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