How to Edit MP3 Files Online without Uploading It

By | September 23, 2011

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If you want to cut or edit a MP3 file in a computer which don’t having a MP3 editing software, then obviously you will go for a online tool. But most of those websites requires to upload the desired MP3 file which results in waiting time and bandwidth wastage. From now on you can cut and edit MP3 files online without uploading it using this website. is a simple Web 2.0 utility that enables you to cut out pieces of a MP3 files without having to decode that MP3. The tool cuts the MP3 at the frame level without losing the quality of your MP3.


Goto the website and follow the steps:

Step 1:

First, press the button “Open MP3”

Step 2:

Select MP3 file for cutting

Step 3:

Wait few seconds… Here you know the difference of Uploading and Caching of  Web2.0 Utility.

Step 4:

Set cutting frame

Step 5:

Press the button “Cut” and select an output folder for the new file

Step 6:

Save it, and you finished your editing now by saving your time and bandwidth.


 Check out this video.

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