How To: Create a Page for Facebook Phishing

By | October 2, 2011

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Phishing is one easy method for hacking accounts, email account to bank accounts or anything. How’d they make it so easy?

We do not want you people to try this method on anyone or use it for any illegal purpose. This is for information purpose only.

If you are new to phishing first Read this:


  1. First a fall we need a fake html page (fack.html), and a PHP script to redirect and capture the victim’s password (login.php).
  2. Download both the files from here
  3. Now open the PHP file you can change the redirect URL “’Location:‘”
  4. This is where the user will be finally redirected after login. Now save the file
  5. Note: Redirect to the correct location or the victim might get suspicious.
  6. Now you need web hosting space for your Phishing site. Now you can buy a hosting or use free hosting account like, …etc.
  7. Now upload the files which you downloaded.
  8. Now you might get have a URL like
  9. Now whenever the victim opens the page and login, ah ah the password is yours now.
  10. The password will be saved in log file at your host.
  11. Readers please stays way from this kind of website, check the url whenever you enter password and user name
This is how your page will look like

Live demo how to host the script in free hosting.

Check the video 

5 thoughts on “How To: Create a Page for Facebook Phishing

      1. Joetaylor97

        Hi thanks for the reply. They are all in the same folder. Im using x90x and they are all in the /public_html folder together. It says that a file has been created in other words when i enter a fake password etc then the size of the file jumps up from 4 to 6 etc. It’s just that when i go into the folder there is no text in there its just blank lines. It’s almost like its in invisible ink :). I really hop you can help fix it. I could send you some screen shots if it were to help. Cheers for the info so far though its a really slick and easy hack


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