Google Internet Bus now in West Bengal

By | November 25, 2011

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Google Internet Bus , the most popular vehicle travelling throughout India for spreading the importance of Internet,  has reached West Bengal and it will circulate the state for some days. The Bus which actually started its operation in late 2009 has travelled 11 states and now it is about to cross West Bengal and Kolkata in a week . So people in West Bengal if you are lucky , have a glimpse of it . Google India director Vinay Goel mentioned the latest update of Google Bus to a newspaper,

” We had begun the internet bus back in February 2009 and now the bus will tour the state. We hope to create awareness about the internet that will enable the common man to utilize the knowledge”

The Google bus also works with the schools to promote the importance of Internet and Networking. It has already travelled Tamilnadu and Karnataka a long time back . We hope it will come again to all the places it has travelled before.

Even i am eager to see it and know more about the Google Bus promotion.


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