Flipkart jumps to No.1 spot in India – eBay’s reign stopped

By | November 22, 2011

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Online Shopping in India was one of the toughest possibilities that was about to hit a long time back . Now Online shopping has increased rapidly among the people and they opt for it because of the best service and support.There are some best online shopping sites in Indi that are gaining popularity day by day. Safe payment , Easy shopping and the customer service are some of the key ingredients for any online shipping site.

Based on the popularity and service , online tech shopping sites are ranked every month. eBay.in was the most reliable shopping partner in India. But recently , Flipkart came into the race and slowly increased it’s size and popularity. It was a huge comeback for the online shopping giant and no one noticed their way to success. Recently technoholik.com conducted a survey on the best  online shopping sites in India.

Flipkart was ranked No.1 and eBay.in slipped to 6th spot because of poor service for the past one year. The rankings were in the order:

1. Flipkart

2. shop.bigadda.com

3. Indiatimes shopping

4. letsbuy


6. ebay.in

7. Home shop 18

Filpkart moved to the first spot because of their non-stop with good service and support. We asked people who purchased with flipkart and one of their answers was “Very much satisifed. Feared of buying a product online but flipkart made it simple and possible “.  eBay India  has to think of some strategies to bring their lost position back . Seriously i am very much eager to shop with filpkart and hope it will happen soon.

We also compared rankings in some sites and Flipkart reigned the top spot everywhere.

“Prices are low compared to any other shopping sites in India and service can never be matched with anyone was another answer from one of flipkart buyers. With increasing popularity in India,  flipkart will be a tough competitor to it’s rivals and they should continue this good run all the time.

FlipKart.com – riding their way with success ….

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