Facebook [ Timeline ]kick-started in New Zealand

By | December 8, 2011

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new facebook timeline


Facebook has rolled out it’s latest and much awaited feature “Timeline” in New Zealand. Over 2 million Facebook users in New Zealand will be getting the Timeline and it is reported that Facebook is planning to bring “Timeline” feature to everyone next year.

The New Zealand users can enjoy the Timeline feature and for the first 6 days , they will be asked to fill up and modify the Timeline before making it available to their friends for viewing.

Facebook Project manager Samuel Lessin reports that ,

“Starting today, we are making Timeline more widely available as we measure speed and other types of performance. We’ll begin by making it available to people in New Zealand and then roll it out more broadly in the near future.”

Timeline will bring Facebook to a new form and it is likely to kill Google+ in near future. It is to be noted that more than 1 million users have already tested the Timeline(beta) and there are mixed responses till date.

We hope Timeline will be made available to everyone soon.

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