Facebook alleged once again for leaking user information

By | November 28, 2011

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It has been a serious practice for Facebook in leaking out user data and information all the time. In spite of having huge security locks , it is reported that Facebook is leaking user information to advertisers and they display ads in your profile based on your data.

The Sunday Telegraph reported that ,

“The European Commission plans to put a halt to Facebook’s eavesdropping on its members’ personal information”

Facebook uses certain softwares to track down the user profile data even though your privacy settings are enabled strictly. The European Commission will put an end to this on Jan 2012 and next week they will have a meeting on fixing all these issues. Facebook tries to attract the advertisers and show them the correct way to advertise , so that both gain value and money.

Facebook pirated

It is said that everything one shares in his profile , all are being tracked by Facebook. It is up the EC to stop this serious mistake being done by Facebook. However Facebook admitted that it is not doing any such things like stealing data .

Is your Facebook Account secure ? I think it’s NO..

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