Dream or Reality ??? Tablet for $35 in India

By | October 1, 2011

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The Indian Government which unveiled the low cost tablet ever at a price of $35 / Rs.1500  last year will start shipping it later this month. The Government has planned to give the tablet to students from all  schools and colleges. The Tablet  features     7  ” touchscreen , Linux OS , 2 GB RAM , 32 GB Hard disk  with WiFi connectivity  and much more.

Students from several branches of the Indian Institute of Technology co-designed motherboards for the computer, which the ministry would like to see dropping to $20 and possibly getting as low as $10. This month is going to be  a givaway of this tablet to all colleges. More than 90,000 tablets will be given next month . The Government is looking for big industries to take over this good project for future perspective.

The Tablet is part of a larger initiative aimed at improving India’s educational system through technology. Nearly 8,500 colleges in the country have already gotten broadband connectivity, according to the Ministry for Human Resource Development, and some 500 Web-based and video courses are available for upload on YouTube and other online portals .

( Seen in pic – Kapil Sibal, India’s Minister for Human Resource Development, unveiling a  prototype tablet )

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