Do you hate the new Facebook changes?

By | September 22, 2011

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Facebook , the world’s No.1 social networking site has 800 million users across the globe. Users ranging from Kids to Grannies have a Facebook account. As Facebook became a huge success , Google once again tried  to get back into the race. It launched its new social networking site Google Plus (they use as +You). Invites crossed over 20 million within days after testing of the site started.

Everyone were eager to see what was new in this “+” . But Plus become a big disappointment  to users . It was like ” Everything is there , but something is still missing”. There are only  few active Plus users  and Google is still managing to make some changes to it.

Now let us come to our point …For the past few days , there has been some drastic changes in Facebook that has affected millions of users .

Do you like this change ????? I hope not. This was the answer from everyone.

Changes in News feed is causing a big threat to Facebook  itself  . But Facebook reveals that the change has been made to simplify user experience. We also know that the new Chat is also a “dislike” by many users. May be Facebook is trying to prove itself a better one than Google Plus….

As of now Facebook is leading its way into a new path and this may or may not be liked by many users. Who cares ???? Is this  what Facebook is thinking .

We believe that Facebook has received many negative reviews on this change and so are the developers sitting there in California . You can see many negative comments in its blog itself (

One such comment is this  ” Why is it still changed? Change it back. The  news feed and ability to list posts by pictures, status updates, and other filters were very helpful. This new system sucks.”

If changes like these become very often on Facebook , then the users who made it No.1 will surely bring it down , like what happened to Orkut.

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