How to Force Windows 7 to Use All Available RAM

By default windows 7 does not use the full available RAM memory.When you check My Computer properties in windows 7 32 bit & 64 bit,you can note that memory will be 3.7 for 4 GB and 7.1 for 8GB RAM.It clearly show that the compleat ram in not used.So you can force the machine to… Read More »

Windows Phone Tango is WP Refresh (Official name revealed)

Here’s what we got a new name for the WP Tango, ” Windows Phone Refresh”. Stefania Duico ,head of Windows Phone Italy division mentioned the original name to a magazine recently.  The name looks cool but what does the word Refresh actually sound ? Windows Phone Refresh (WP Tango) is aimed for low end specifications… Read More »

Nokia Lumia 900 will hit the stores on April 8 – AT&T

It is a good news for all Lumia lovers. Yes , it is. Nokia Lumia 900 will hit the stores on April 8 2012 , confirms an AT&T store employee in California. The device was rumored to hit the stores on second week of April. But we have no further confirmation from the mobile giant… Read More »

The Future Paper-Thin Touch Surfaces

Computer from big room has become to small devices which can be kept in pockets. Now have you ever thought how the devices in feature will look? Check the video. It was created for a team project sponsored by Xerox. The video demonstrates how more immersive and meaningful collaboration might be achieved in the workplace… Read More »

Google working on Metro version of Chrome for Windows 8

Microsoft will notice the release of Windows 8 very soon and it all looks cool with Metro Style apps and Xbox integration. With the heat rising up even before its  (Windows 8) release , software makers are busy creating Metro apps for Windows 8. Reports claim that Google will be releasing a metro version of… Read More »

American Express:Sync. Tweet. Save. Enjoy Offers

American Express have launched an interesting play with Twitter which lets US card members turn customised Twitter hashtags into savings. When the customers sync their American express card with twitter, they can enjoy offers directly onto their card. The user has to tweet about their offer so that they become eligible for the offer.It will… Read More »

How To: Create directory named “con” in windows

Windows user might have tried to create directory such as ‘con’ or ‘aux’ and found that is not possible. But there are alternative methods to make this happen. Follow The Steps To create ‘con’ Folder open cmd type “md\.g:con” And you have created the con folder in G drive, this step is same for creating… Read More »

How To Get YouTube Thumbnail Images

YouTube thumbnails can be fetched using YouTube’s Video API. YouTube API responses may contain multiple thumbnail images for a video, each of which is identified by a <media:thumbnail> tag. In order to view or download the thumbnail from a YouTube video. Change the following video id in the URL to fetch the image The video… Read More »

How to Get the WordPress Short URL

WordPress lanunched shot Url for WordPress sites with the domain shot url stay on the header of the theme when you observe the source of the page.This function will help you to display it on your theme. In WordPress site source page < link rel=’shortlink’ href='<a href="">′ /> This is not see to the… Read More »

Flipkart launches Flyte – India’s largest MP3 Download store

Flipkart ,the online shopping giant has launched “Flyte” , an online music store for music lovers. It is said to be India’s largest online music download store. It requires Flipkart login to access the music store and downloads. Songs from 700 genres and 55 languages are available at the music store. Preview of 30 secs… Read More »

How to Access Windows Azure Storage Account with Cloudxplorer

Windows Azure is a cloud service; the folder system cannot be accessed like FTP server. Here we are about to see how to use your Windows azure storage as cloud drive to store data. To store data inside azure storage you must create a container first.  CloudXplorer is a free companion for Windows that will… Read More »

Create Twitter Follow Button on a webpage using WebMatrix

 Prerequisites: Microsoft WebMatrix Twitter.Helper 1.0 WebMatrix allow you to easily integrate the respective applications into ASP.NET MVC Razor based websites. Helpers are basically ready pieces of code that allow you to reuse the code in your pages with only a few lines of code from your side Twitter helper for WebMatrix allows you to integrate… Read More »

Add Advertisements to WordPress Post after Paragraph

In Many website you might see ads in the middle of the post or after a particular word counts. This is done by changing the content loop in the single.php file. In this demo you can post ads after a particular paragraph. Such as 1 passage, 2 passage …etc. Steps To be Followed [To show… Read More »