Android gets Iris as a competitor to Siri

By | October 25, 2011

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Ever wondered an Android user will be talking to his phone to get some help like iPhone users do with their “Siri”. Now this is reality, Android gets a new app named Iris , that can talk and help by answering our questions. The application was created by a group of Android Research Developers named Dexetra. Now Android users can feel happy and march past against iPhone users.

It is said that the developers took only 10 hours time to develop the application. As the name looks reverse of the word Siri , it is surely an Android version of Siri. The app will be available at Android Marketplace for free. However to run “Iris”, one should have installed Voice Search and TTS library. Only alpha version of this app is available in Marketplace and the app is said to have some few bugs and fixes.

Developers of Iris quoted in their blog post as :

“It started out as a lazy Friday with half our team missing, the influx of tweets and posts on the “Awesome Siri” were flying everywhere. Suddenly, I got the urge to do something similar for Android. Since we have been working on NLP and Machine learning for over an year now, I had a crazy belief that I could pull this off. Somehow I managed to write a tiny engine that could answer your questions, digging the results from the web.

When we started seeing results, everyone got excited and started a high speed coding race. In no time, we added Voice input, Text-to-speech, also a lot of heuristic humor into Iris. Not until late evening we decided on the name “iris.”, which would be Siri in reverse. And we also reverse engineered a crazy expansion – Intelligent Rival Imitator of Siri. We were still in the fun mode, but when we started using it the results were actually good, really good.”

According to some reviews over the Internet , it is said that the app is good but cannot be compared with Siri. However,Android will have a boost up with this new application and let us hope that the developers will fix all the bugs and release a new version soon.

Iris- Soon it will be a competitor to Siri


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